Insulation Solutions

Waterproofing Material

We produce a state-of-the-art, one component polyurethane-based moisture-cured waterproofing material that is designed to provide superior protection against water damage and UV rays. It can be stretch %600 - 1000 according to the applying thickness and has high breaking strength. This ready-to-use solution is ideal for both interior and exterior applications, making it a versatile choice for protecting a wide range of surfaces including balconies, terraces, swimming pools, water storage, and both under and above ceramic surfaces.

Our waterproofing material is easy to apply, provides long-lasting protection and is highly UV resistant. This makes it an excellent choice for commercial and residential use on roofs, decks, and other outdoor surfaces. Additionally, it is durable and reliable, making it perfect for new construction and renovation projects.

This waterproofing material is the perfect solution for protecting your property from water damage while also providing UV resistance. Whether you are working on a new construction or a renovation project, our waterproofing material will provide the protection you need. Contact us today to learn more about how our product can benefit your next project.


Consumption 0,500- 1kg (According to surface condition) 
Viscosity 30-60 KU
Density 1,14 ±0,02
Appearance Liquid, Transparent
Touch Dry 6-8 hours
Concrete Surface Bonding ≥2 N/mm² 
Breaking strength >%600-1000 
UV resistance ∆E<0,5


Ready to use and can be applied with brush, roller brush or spray. 

Package 1 / 5 / 10 / 15 kg