Chlorinated Polyethylene ( CPE )

Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) is a new type of thermoplastic elastomer based on chlorination reaction.

CPE is white color, non-toxic and odorless. Weipren CPE is the only one without salt content and has higher whiteness and superior electric insulation performances. Weipren RESIN is mainly used in plastics and Weipren CM in rubbers.

Properties of WEIPREN RESIN

*Superior flexibility and impact resistance

*Superior Filling capacity

*Good low temperature performance and weatherability

*Superior flame retardancy

*Sperior compatibility with polymers such as PVC, PE and ABS

*Superior chemical resistance and processibility

Main Grades of WEIPREN RESIN :

CPE6000, CPE3135, CPE8000, CPE8500, CPE2135, CPE2132, CPE6025, CPE5236, CPE7130

weipren resin grade

Applications :

*PVC Modification ( plastic profiles, pipes, fittings, sheets, external wall siding )

*Flame Retardant ABS

*Magnetic Material ( fridge sealing strips, magnetic boards, magnetic bars )

*Soft Product ( water proof coils, shoe materials, plastic wires, sealing strips, tarpaulin )

*Modifying PE and other Plastics


Properties of WEIPREN CM

*Superior mechanical performances

*Good low temperature performances

*Superior heat aging performances, weatherability and chemicals resistance

*Superior flex resistance

*Good flame retardancy and machine oil resistance

*Long storage time

*Ideal cost effectiveness

Main Grades of WEIPREN CM :

CPE3100, CPE3000, CPE6035, CPE6135, CPE6235, CPE6335, CPE6535, CPE140B, CPE6140, CPE7130, CPE6025M

weipren CM grades


*Wires and Cables ( protective sheath for mine, marine and locomotive cable, insulation layer, power, instrument and control cable )

*Insulation Performance 

*Automobile Hoses and Industrial Hoses ( gear box oil hoses, brake hoses, power steering hoses, inlet and outlet hoses, air conditioner hoses )

*Various types of Specialized Rubber Products ( engineering rubber, sealing rings, gaskets, lining )

*Using with another Rubbers ( combined use of Weipren CM with rubbers such as EPDM, NBR, CSM, CR, IIR and SBR will not only reduce production cost but also improve specific performance of the rubber )


weipren packaging